Every summer new businesses pop up here in Black Hills. I want to help those new businesses get off the ground running. I can help with all the legalities of starting up a new business and provide those small business owners guidance during this crucial phase business start-up.  

Someone says you should be a corporation, someone else says you should be an LLC; however, I can guide you through the pros and cons of choosing what type of entity your business should be registered as based on what your business and personal goals are.

After choosing your entity, I will get your business get registered with the state, draft all your necessary documents, and help check off all of those minute details of starting up your business. 

Additionally, after your business is up and running, I can help you with any legal needs your business may encounter as it grows and becomes more successful, such as contract review, negotiations, zoning issues, and employment law.

My goal is to grow with Custer; consequently, I try to support local businesses every chance I can and part of that is helping with legal issues.


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Garland Lee Goff

attorney at law, llc

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